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  • Rains Journal, Vol. 13
  • Vol. 13
  • Vol. 13
  • Vol. 13
  • Vol. 13

Rains Journal, Vol. 13

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In this volume, we meet up with four different artists to explore their personal reflections on their own work. In Copenhagen, we meet up with Frederik and Oliver—university friends turned artistic duo producing pieces for the likes of Noma. In Los Angeles, we find Canadian rapper, Jazz Cartier, fresh off his North American tour with time to gather ideas for the next project. Back in Denmark's capital city, we brought a camera to the Vibe Factory, interrupting the sultry singer/songwriter, Kwamie Liv, just days before taking off to Tokyo to make her acting debut. And traveling back to the US, we got the first look at the new apartment and studio space of lifetime New Yorker, Lexie Smith, known casually to many as, "that bread girl."


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